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Finnpos Systems Oy

Finnpos Systems Oy, which is part of swedish OS Group, is a POS systems supplier for the restaurant and petrol retail industries. Our strategy is to specialize in these two high-demand sectors.

Our values are to be realiable partner who enables our customers to operate efficiently and obtain their top quality. in pursue of these values, we maintain our products well functioning, cost-effective and easily modiafiable to meet our customers' operation constantly developing needs.

Finnpos employs over 60 software and hardware specialists. We are well-established with strong partner, maintenance and retail networks all over Finland. Our services are easily available to you regardless of where your business is situated.

We are proud of our continuous development in our POS and BI-systems. We constantly bring new solutions to the market and our software is innovative. Our project and software engineer teams are in a constant dialogue with our customers to find user friendly interfaces, functions and innovations.