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Point Of Sale

The Finnpos POS systems can be divided into two separate operating sections; The POS (Point of Sale Operations) and BOS (Back Office System). This configuration contains all sales functions, payment methods, customer loyalty and discount features. Both retail- and petrol dispenser sales transactions can be operated by the same POS.

The BOS can be used for product management, sales monitoring and other site specific reporting. The stock monitoring function is diverse; it includes features such as wet stock management recipes and automatic order proposals.

For more information:

Harri Halminen, Business Manager: +358 10 56 777 53
Esko Sorri, Service Manager: +358 10 56 777 50
Sami Palola, Product Management Manager: +358 10 56 777 54
Evgeny Kynin, Area Director, Russia and CIS, +358 44 722 6384 / +7 921 409 12 50