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À la Carte Restaurants

A table of ten wants to split the bill and one does not want to participate in the cost of the wine. You thank the customers with a genuine smile because you know that with the Finnpos POS System splitting table bills is painless. You return to the table, not with a fistful of printed receipts, but with an integrated wireless payment terminal, with which you can print out the bills for each diner.

Because the billing was so easy and quick, you can already seat the new customers who have arrived. When you bring their starter cocktails, you are ready to take their order, because you have a wireless Finnpos Tablet POS on your person, which sends the orders directly to the kitchen printer right from the table.

For more information:

Maarit Lunkka, Sales Manager: +358 10 56 777 62
Susanna Vivolin, Account Manager: +358 10 56 777 63
Kaisa Mäki-Niskala, Business Manager: +358 10 56 777 51