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Chain-Managed POS systems

The Finnpos Coba is a Head Office/Back Office software providing all you need for succesful chain operation management.

The Finnpos Coba is a Head Office/Back Office software for Finnpos Point-of-Sale systems, which provides all you need for successful chain operation management.

In one word, Coba is freedom. No more office-bound systems. Users can access Coba with a regular web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome). Coba has built-in multiple simultaneous user support. The Coba software is based on the latest system standards, which guarantees your investment will be of value far into the future. The browser-operated software runs in the robust Microsoft SQL server environment, which provides even more comprehensive integration possibilities.

Restaurants no longer need separate back office hardware. The connection to Coba is secured with either a SSH or SSL VPN connection. Due to its modularity, Coba can evolve through various plug-ins or new features, depending on the software license or module updates.

For more information:

Maarit Lunkka, Sales Manager: +358 10 56 777 62
Susanna Vivolin, Account Manager: +358 10 56 777 63
Kaisa Mäki-Niskala, Business Manager: +358 10 56 777 51