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Large Venues

At concert arenas and hockey stadiums the sales transactions must be taken care of as quickly as possible. The Finnpos POS system is the right solution for your large venue needs. The user friendly POS interface can be effortlessly operated by new staff. Integrated payment terminals with NFC-functionality make sales transactions faster and secure. You can check the live sales transaction feed from the back office system in real time during the event and make changes in prices and products if you wish. When its time to check out and clean up the total sales, the sales event and other key figures can easily be printed from the back office.

For More Information:

Maarit Lunkka, Sales Manager: +358 10 56 777 62
Susanna Vivolin, Account Manager: +358 10 56 777 63
Kaisa Mäki-Niskala, Business Manager: +358 10 56 777 51