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Pubs, Bars and Nightclubs

The Finnpos POS system is excellently suited for pubs, bars and nightclubs. With wide-ranging menu options and an intuitive interface, registering sales is easy and fast. Do what you do best; mix and pour drinks, making a sale has never been easier!

The Modern Finnpos touchscreen POS systems are reliable tools for the hectic drink business. The screens are robust and can stand up to the treatment of a not-so-gentle user and you do not have to worry about little spills anymore.

For more information:

Maarit Lunkka, Sales Manager: +358 10 56 777 62
Susanna Vivolin, Account Manager: +358 10 56 777 63
Kaisa Mäki-Niskala, Business Manager: +358 10 56 777 51